What we do

Major maintenance servicing

Major servicing includes all filters and oils, safety inspections and a report of the overall mechanical condition of your vehicle


Rebuild and repair engines and transmissions

We will handle minor and major engine repairs, including full rebuilds or exchange engines. We will measure and record all tolerances and clearances.


We will repair and rebuild any transmission in your vehicle, using a reusability guide for all major parts.


Air conditioning

We can service and inspect your air conditioning systems, for leaks, deterioration or damage to any hoses, seals or components, we can also fit new systems to any vehicle.


Auto electrical diagnostics and repair

SA Complete Diesel Services can diagnose and repair all your electrical faults, we can repair and replace starter motors, alternators and general electrical components


Brake, steering and suspensions

We can repair and overhaul all types of brake systems such as disc, drum and hydraulic, we will measure and check usability of parts.

We will inspect and repair all steering and suspension components for wear and damage, including shock absorbers, steering tie rods, springs and bushes and u bolts.


Clutch maintenance and replacement

We can replace and repair all types of clutches, we can also monitor wear to your clutch components.


Driveline and differential repairs and rebuilds

At SA Complete Diesel Services we strive to keep you moving ensuring all unijoints and driveshafts are kept in good condition.


Hydraulic hoses and repairs

With the latest in hydraulic technology we can fabricate and supply any hydraulic hose for your needs, we can also repair and maintain your pumps and circuit requirements.